Dr. Robert Busingye (MBChB, MMED, MSC Reprod. Biology)

ABOUT Dr. Robert Busingye (MBChB, MMED, MSC Reprod. Biology)


DR BUSINGYE ROBERT, needs no introduction as regards fertility treatment in Uganda. He has mentored almost all the fertility specialists in Uganda and is a Senior consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

He graduated from Makerere University and did his residency there too. He is a holder of a Master’s degree in reproductive biology and still teaches reproductive endocrinology at Uganda’s Premier University.

Dr. Busingye is registered with UMPDC and is the first President of Uganda Fertility Society (UFS). He is also a founding member of UFS.

He has clinical interest in Male infertility and luteal support. He is highly regarded by his peers.

His vision of transparency and excellence is registered in his work and is proud to be part and founder of the Neogenesis Fertility Centre team with a shared vision.